I am offering a new DVD package called Beginning Guitar, in which I begin by explaining the basics of starting to play the guitar, buying your first guitar, pick and string selection, tuning and tuners, and basic music theory.  Then I walk you through 3 songs, Heavens Door, Redemption Song, and Tennessee Waltz, introducing new chords as we proceed.  At the end of the 10 lessons you will be in good shape to move into more intermediate lessons one on one.

Table of Contents from Beginning Guitar DVD

In my opinion, the hardest part of learning the guitar is the early period when you are developing calluses, learning the basics, and teaching your fingers to go to new places. Once you’ve gotten past the first 6 months or so, you should be able to get more bang for your buck in individual lessons.

You can purchase the Beginning Guitar DVD package for $20 plus tax and shipping ($23.30). The package includes chord charts, lyrics, guides and illustrations to support the DVD. 

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